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Welcome to Preston Hollow

The People & Lifestyle 

Residents of Preston Hollow enjoy walking and cycling on the wide lane boulevards, minutes from downtown. It is known for its sprawling lots covered in trees, shopping and restaurants close by, as well as the private school corridor.

What to Love

Walkable Neighborhoods

Estate Homes

Plenty of Shopping and Restaurants

Large Lots

Quick Facts

  • In the pre-Depression era of the early twenties there was a shift of the some of the wealthy and prominent citizens of Dallas to purchase acreage in the the new development called Preston Hollow.  Ira P. DeLoache developed the area in 1924, when he purchased  a 56-acre farm. What was once its own city, Preston Hollow decided to join the City of Dallas in 1945.
  • Home to President Geroge W. Bush, Mark Cuban and Roger Staubach

Average Home Price  

The average home price is between $1,246,000 and $8,000,000